Forrest Media – Glasgow Tour

Marc Keenan takes us on a tour of Glasgow and the Forrest Media CityScreens

Forrest Media – Glasgow Tour

Marc Keenan takes us on a tour of Glasgow and the Forrest Media CityScreens





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Forrest Media


Driving tour of Glasgow, taking in Forrest’s giant digital advertising screens.


These digital displays are a great way for brands to reach a mass audience in Glasgow. However, most media buyers and agencies are based in London. This video tour was commissioned to show buyers the impact they have without actually having to be there.



This is a good example of how TMC’s multi-skilled approach can deliver exceptional results and value for the client. In advance of the filming we assisted with scriptwriting as well as planning and storyboarding the entire film.

The video covers many advertising sites and miles across the city, all filmed from cameras onboard moving vehicles. The smooth flow was achieved using remote accessed 4K cameras attached to the car with in-built stabilisers. This involved two drive rounds. One to film from car to car and another to film the point of view in the direction of travel. The video opens with the Managing Director, Marc Keenan delivering a piece to camera before starting the driving tour.

In post production on screen graphics were used to inform the viewer of important information and stats for each advertising site. In addition, due to exposure challenges, complex tracking was used to replace adverts in the screens which were often over exposed.

Forrest have achieved great results from the video with media agencies able to properly take in the Forrest giant screen portfolio without having to travel to Glasgow. Many have commented on the quality and impact of the film saying it is the best outdoor media video they have ever seen.

Crew members:

Ian Palmer – Producer/Director/Editing
Paul Russell – DoP

I’ve used one or two other video production companies in the past, but TMC displayed a much quicker level of understanding and rapidly picked up what we were looking for in every brief.

Marc Keenan – Managing Director | Forrest Media

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