John D Wood – Weybridge

Here we get some insight on what it's like to live in Weybridge?

John D Wood – Weybridge

Here we get some insight on what it's like to live in Weybridge?





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John D Wood


A client testimonial video that also serves as a useful area guide for Weybridge.


Getting clients on camera talking positively about your brand and their customer service experience is hugely powerful. John D Wood have produced a number of these videos with TMC. Focusing on specific areas around London, they also use the videos to guide clients on what it is like to live in an area – in this case Weybridge.


Weybridge, Surrey

Established in 1872, John D Wood is one of London’s most respected estate agents. TMC were commissioned to produce a series of videos that focus on their various branch locations throughout London. Weybridge is one of a series and will be followed by the remaining branch network in line with their planned refurbishments. The brief for this video production was to capture the essence of Weybridge and what it is like to live there.

Without interviewing any sales staff or managers we developed the authenticity of the brand by interviewing two clients who lived in the area – one lettings and one sales. The clients shared their experience of living in Weybridge whilst explaining how John D Wood have helped them to successfully buy, sell and rent properties in the location.

We filmed the branch, Weybridge and the interviews over one day. As with all our video production projects we worked with the client beforehand to establish the message, tone of voice and key objectives. We then developed the interview questions and created a storyboard for sign off.

The video production has been very well received and is embedded on the John D Wood website under the Weybridge location. These kind of client testimonial videos are highly effective for our clients as they subtly sell their message whilst giving their potential customers value added information and peace of mind. It’s all about delivering great content and this video production does that exceptionally well.

Crew members:

Ian Palmer – Producer/Director/Editing
Joan Bordera – DoP

We are delighted with the results from The Marketing Café. They have captured the culture and tone of our brands perfectly and present a compelling case as to why clients should choose us. We see a real return through this medium and look forward to further collaboration.

Richard Page, Marketing Director | Countrywide

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