Product Demos

Did you know that using videos on e-commerce sites can increase conversions by 144 percent?

If you sell products online then you know how important it is to get the message across. Great imagery is vital and if you could bring the product to life then you would. Enter the product demo video.


Product demonstration videos are an essential ingredient in the ongoing success of many e-commerce and retail businesses.

The digital age has meant people have less time and shorter attention spans. Product demo videos appeal to your customers by getting your message across quickly and efficiently. The Marketing Café has an in-house production crew, including sound engineers, producers, and animators allowing us to create product demos for literally any kind of product. In fact we can make any type of e-commerce video you need.

We put everything into each and every product demo we make, so you can rest assured that your video demonstration will look professional, be visually engaging and achieve a quick and substantial ROI for our clients. And we don’t stop there…

We view The Marketing Café as a holistic marketing entity, so we’ll not only produce the demo for you, we’ll research your product category and learn how the product works. This will enable us to storyboard and script write the video, so all you have do is give us the product. You can leave the rest up to us.

It can be a big commitment for your customers to invest in your product without knowing exactly how or even if it works. Like many of your customers, you’ve probably wasted money in the past, buying a product that doesn’t live up to the claims of the manufacturer.

By investing in a product demonstration video, you can help assuage your customer’s concerns and save them time and their hard-earned money. These videos will show the customer that your product (and your company) is trustworthy and authentic.

The great thing about video is that it tends to get burned into our brain far more than static text or images. You’ve probably noticed that it’s often easier to recall things you’ve seen than things you’ve heard.

What this means is you can convey understanding far quicker in a product demo video than you could with typed copy and images. As cliché goes – a picture is worth a thousand words.

Another awesome thing about video is that it can elicit so many emotions. Not only will your customers remember what they saw – they’ll remember how they felt. Then, when they think of your product, it will trigger those emotions. Your customers will start associating your product with the excitement, intrigue, or compassion they felt when watching your product demo.

Product demos can save your sales personnel a lot of time. They can focus on landing the sale and answering pertinent questions instead of demonstrating the product themselves. This will make their time more productive and result in more commissions.

“I really enjoy working the team at TMC. Nothing is ever too much trouble for them, and the films they have produced for us have been of a very high standard.”

Rachel Dipper, Knight Frank LLP


You’re a busy person – you’ve got a business to run, a team to manage, and products to launch to market. You understand, then, just how busy your customers are because many of them may be business owners themselves.

Time is precious, and consumers are always looking for ways to save time. Imagine how you would feel if you had to read through pages and pages of a product manual. It would be frustrating!

Now, imagine how you would feel if you watched a two-minute video that explained nearly everything you wanted to know about a product.


With so many businesses seeing the potential of online marketing, the market is now flooded with informational content. This is great for the consumer, but it’s not always great for businesses.

It’s easy for consumers to get lost online – unless you have high-quality content that you market properly.

And that’s exactly what you’ll get with product demonstration videos from The Marketing Café. Our team will produce excellent videos that resonate with your customers and we’ll show you how to market them so that you get the biggest bang for your buck.

For more information about our product demo video services or how these videos will help your business, contact us via our website or call us at 01563 509005.