Social Video

Build your social audience with entertaining video and brand loyalty will surely follow

100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook everyday. For brands that want to engage with social media users through video, the thought process has to be different. Rather than sell or promote, your social videos need to captivate and entertain.


TMC have many years of experience in developing video content. Very often this is promotional video, but we also create videos that tell stories and entertain. For example, we have produced viral videos for the food industry. One of the most viewed video categories amongst social media users is food. No doubt you will recall seeing a fast moving ‘food recipe video’ that is irresistible and too good to look away from.

We have also produced inspirational people stories, voxpops and how to guides which are all perfect in the social media environment. For brands, there isn’t an immediate uplift in sales from this kind of activity. However, with great content comes a growing social media audience and exponential brand exposure.

With more than half of all online video being viewed via mobile phones it’s important that the user experience is harmonised for this platform. That’s why square videos are now the best way to reach Facebook and Instagram users in a mobile environment.

The reason for this is that square videos take up a whopping 78% more space in the Facebook news feed than horizontal videos. Regardless of the video content, the square format has an immediate impact on the number of viewers, shares and the general level of engagement.

Random audio that starts playing while you’re on a website is a complete turn off. This is why social platforms have made ‘mute’ the default volume setting for videos on users timelines. Also, most views will happen during the day when people are still at work. As a result, many viewers are likely to watch your video without actually hearing it. The answer to this problem is of course subtitles.

Adding subtitles to your video can help to ensure your viewers get the message, even if they don’t actually listen to what you have to say.

“Our journey with TMC from start to finish has been a pleasure. Everyone in the team has been incredibly helpful, nothing is too much bother and their knowledge is first class.”

Aileen Nicholson, Building Contractors Training Group


Whether you are a B2C or B2B business there will be a way to find your customers on social media. From Facebook to Instagram and LinkedIn to Twitter your target market is likely to be interacting on a daily basis across these platforms.

So, if you want to reach them and build your brand exposure you need to be thinking of ways to attract their attention. All the evidence shows that video is the best to do this. However, there’s no point in producing video for the sake of it. You need a clear strategy and a workable way of implementing it.

TMC can produce social videos that inspire, entertain and engage. If you need help developing ideas on how to do this for your brand please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.


Before you embark on your social media video journey have a think about the type of content you believe your audience will enjoy watching. Whether it’s cats, dogs, food, inspirational stories or how-to videos there will be something that connects your brand to the audience.

People like to laugh and be entertained. A positive emotional reaction to anything that associates with your brand is marketing gold dust. Very often it is not the ideas we are short of, but rather the resources and drive to implement them. If you need help bringing your ideas to life as well as putting a social video plan into action then TMC can help. Just call 01563 509005 – we would love to hear from you.