Testimonial Videos

Add power and authenticity to your sales message by putting your customers on camera

We will manage every aspect of the video testimonial process, from defining your business objectives and mapping out a marketing strategy to sourcing interviewees and all post production editing work.


We will manage every aspect of the video testimonial process, from defining your business objectives and mapping out a marketing strategy to sourcing interviewees and all post production editing work. Our expertise and experience in producing video testimonials means we know how to coach your interviewees so they feel natural on camera and their responses don’t seem scripted. Avoiding marketing speak or overly technical exposition is essential if you’re testimonial is to feel authentic, so we will help guide your interviewees into talking naturally.

Our experience as a testimonial video production company will also help you pick out the right candidates for the task in hand (sometimes it’s not just about finding the most senior person in your client’s company, as they may not be the most natural on camera). We may suggest multiple interviewees to show how your product or service has positively impacted those working at the organisation from various levels and departments.

If you’re producing a B2C customer testimonial, then we’ll analyse your market research to source customers that are the most reflective of your core demographic, whilst always looking for those candidates that come across the most convincingly and naturally in front of the camera. After filming, our talented South Ayrshire based post production crew will put the interview and supporting footage together and work their magic to create a seamless and highly convincing testimonial. We’ll then make suggestions on how and where to distribute your film, from your website to your Facebook accounts.

Like any corporate video production, testimonial film can come in many styles and approaches, depending on the target market. We’ll help you establish your business objectives, including an assessment of your target market. We’ll then use this information to decide what kind of approach to take, including the type of client to interview, musical score, editing style and what kind of supporting footage to film.

The next stage in creating a testimonial is sourcing your interviewee. We will help manage this process and assess which clients will make the best interviewees to present the most convincing testimonial footage based on your marketing strategy. This will come down to confidence and the view and insights they have into your company and your product or service.

We’ll then help create a structure to your testimonial by defining a broad set of topics and key points we want your customer to talk about. It’s essential your interviewee doesn’t sound like they’re giving scripted responses and we’ll make sure of this and use our own experience to make them feel relaxed in front of the camera.

A testimonial film isn’t just ten minutes of your client talking on camera. To make it interesting and engaging we’ll shoot plenty of supporting footage that will then be used in the editorial process to create a seamless video that keeps people interested. Supporting footage will also help give context to what your interviewee is talking about, perhaps by showing examples of the production process or your customer using your product.

After shooting all the supporting footage, we’ll then tie the whole thing together in the post production process, which includes sound editing, sound effects, music and colour grading as well as any graphics or visual effects.

An absolute pleasure to work with. They ‘get’ what you need (much like a decent poker player can read your ‘tells’). The finished product is always beautifully polished and something you can’t wait to show off!

Justin Talkowski, John D Wood


By replacing your voice with your customer’s or client’s, video testimonials are uniquely positioned to positively present your company without being perceived as bias or prejudice. What’s more, because they show your clients and customers talking in stereoscopic sound and in glorious technicolour, video testimonials are immeasurably more powerful and convincing than written testimonials.

Testimonial video can be utilised and repurposed to work across a range of platforms, including your website, social media, email marketing as well as a number of other digital and non digital assets (through stills and pull quotes).


As video becomes the medium of choice for digital marketers, testimonials are increasingly being seen by brands and businesses as one of the most convincing marketing tools out there. By presenting a candid and honest outside opinion of your company, testimonial video has the power to push those customers hovering at the bottom of the marketing funnel into purchasing or picking up the phone to enquire about your products or services. This is why our customers consistently give us feedback on the considerable ROI for this kind of promotional video marketing. To find out more, check out our latest blog post on creating testimonial films, or why not get in touch with us today via our website or drop us a line on 01563 509005.